Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lisa's Top Twelve Flavorite (Favorite) Lip Balms

Seville Rosa by The Lip Balm Queen

Hi all!

I thought that today would be a GRAPE day to share with you my top twelve favorite lip balms. YAY!  I wanted this to be a top ten list but couldn't do it. So without further ado here they are in no particular order:

So if you'd like to try some of my All Time Favorites here's a link to all of them and a coupon code to save 30% on each one. Coupon code is ALLTIMEFAVS to be used at checkout.

ps-came up with the new word "Flavorite" by way of a typo. who would have guessed?

Thanks for reading and most of all...enjoy!
Lisa :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jaffa Lip Balm Review (Miessence Brand)

Hi all!

I'm going to post reviews on specialty lip balms that I find reading lip balm reviews. I purchase them myself with my own funds. There will be no biased reviews nor do I ever ask for free items. The sellers do not know that I make lip balms or that I will be reviewing them. These are blind reviews so that I won't be given and special consideration.

Most recently I purchased a Miessence Jaffa Lip Balm - Certified Organic (however, it is not vegan) in Vanilla Orange flavor off of Amazon. Contains .12 oz in a tube. Cost was $6.60 plus $1.00 shipping with Amazon Prime. Not a bad price for a certified organic lip balm since organic ingredients do cost more than non-organic ingredients.

Here's the link:

Flavor: I love the flavor. I've always loved orange and vanilla together. It does have good staying power but remember, I am not a Lip Licker so it may not last as long on someone who is.

Texture: the shea butter is fractionated which makes it feel grainy when applying it but doesn't impart these grains on the lips. I know this is something that can happen if the shea butter is not heated and cooled properly. It can also happen if it isn't properly stored.

Ingredients: (organic) Sunflower oil, shea butter, beeswax, avocado oil, sweet orange essential oil, vanilla extract, rosemary extract.

Manufacturer: Jaffa is made in Australia and imported to the US. When I looked up the company headquarters in Australia, it appears they are a multi-level marketing company and are offering home based business opportunities. I can not speak on this other than what I read since I am not one of their distributors. Australia does have stringent certification standards however I did not see copies of their suppliers certificates on their site but that's not unusual.

In a nutshell:

Recommendation: yes I'd recommend the item I purchased based on my findings. It tasted great and had very good staying power.

About the ingredients: I like that they are certified. However, please note that I do not know what percentages of the ingredients are used to make up this formulation. The first ingredient is Sunflower Oil which is very inexpensive. Note: Just like food nutrition labels, the first ingredient listed on a cosmetic label makes up the largest percentage of the formulation. The other thing I noticed on their website is that when they talk about Jaffa and list the ingredients for this item, they are not listed in the same order as they appear on the label. I think that may be a little misleading since on the website they talk about the shea butter first which is the second ingredient and they don't talk about the sunflower oil benefits at all which is the first ingredient.

About the manufacturer: Read more about them here in Wiki

Thanks for reading!
Lisa :)

Has anyone else tried this yet? If so what did you think about it?