Monday, September 9, 2013

Martha Stewart 2013 American Made Awards

ForGoodnessGrape is an official nominee in the 2013 Martha Stewart American Made Awards

The Contest Deadline for Votes has been Extended to 9/22/13
As of today we have 1,768 votes so far which puts ForGoodnessGrape among the top 10 nominees in the Style Category!!! 
Thank you for all of your continued support!
Lisa :)

ForGoodnessGrape is a finalist in the Martha Stewart 2013 American Made Awards!
Thank you for helping to make this happen for me!!! I am so grateful and honored and without YOU I would not be here.

Please take a minute to checkout my nominee page and cast your votes. You can cast 6 consecutive votes every 24 hours from now until September 22, 2013. I also have a really cute video in there (also on my website) which I made for this award and I do hope you enjoy it.

Please pull out all the stops and show your GRAPE support during this campaign!
Also, please do mark your calendar to cast your 6 consecutive votes every day until 9/2213.
Just click the badge above which will take you to my entry page on Martha.
Thank you for helping me make it this far!