Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What do you mean I have too many lip balms in my purse?


Red Velvet Cupcake Lip Candy Lip Balm

Someone recently said to me, "You carry too many lip balms in your purse." Immediately my defensive addiction thinks, "What do you mean I have too many lip balms in my purse?" "How can that even be possible?" But of course aloud I say, "You really think so?"

If you are're not a lip balm addict you cannot understand what I'm saying here. It's like lip balm addicts are all members of a secret society with our own agenda and language. So with that in mind that's how we will proceed with this blog. This is where our secret society can come to meet and talk about LIP BALM (and other lip goodies) and our likes and dislikes about them and being addicted to them.

What should we call our Secret Society?


  1. The Lippies! Hahaha I haven't got a good name, really, but I've been addicted to lip balms/glosses since I was 14 and discovered Lip Smackers! Unfortunately, most of their stuff isn't to my liking anymore cuz they kept changing them and making them more waxy/sticky/wet/etc. So I'm SUPER glad I found you!! <3

  2. That's what I think how can you have too many lip balms in your bag that is preposterous I carry about 3 or 4 in my bag, and there is many more flying around at work and at home.