Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Test Results are In

Well the long awaited results from the first test batch for a new olive butter lip balm recipe are in and you can see what Melissa had to say here:

As you may recall, Melissa won a drawing I had when I first started this blog to test several new lip balm formulas along side of me. This test recipe was Olive Butter Test #1 f and it looks like I'm back to the drawing board on this one.

I had tried a vegetable wax with this formula. I liked that it gave a great shine but like Melissa, I thought it was too soft. This issue could be resolved with additional wax or changing the wax to beeswax which is what I plan to try next. I am on a quest to find the perfect formula for Olive Butter Lip Balm so please stay tuned.

Also coming soon...a new forum for lip balm (and other makeup) reviews and general chatter. The site is called Lip Lickers Anonymous the web address is The forum is in the construction phase and I've set a target date of early September. Hopefully it will be sooner and keep you up to date on that.

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