Monday, May 28, 2012

Introducing Andie

Introducing Andie

I want to introduce you to my latest perfume oil, Andie. This perfume was created when a GRAPE customer of mine wanted a duplication of Tokyo Milk's Honey & the Moon and Andie is the result. It is a subtly sweet Honey Shea with middle notes of Sugared Violet & Jasmine sitting on a bottom note of Sandalwood. A sexy, sweet fragrance and perfect for everyday wear as well as those special nights out on the town. (One thing I never get to do anyone)

Please stop by my shop anytime to see Andie ForGoodnessGrape on Etsy

Well it looks like our long holiday weekend is coming to close. It's 8:45 pm here where I am and I'll be back in my office tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a GRAPE weekend!

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